Third Party Logistics

Black Knight Warehouse, Gilroy, CA

Our 164,000 square foot warehouse is a temperature controlled, fully-secured facility.

Black Knight Distributing is a fully integrated third party logistics and Direct to Consumer Fulfillment engine. Black Knight uses the latest technology and operating systems to provide a single source solution. Integrated in this environment are racking and bin systems, a top flight transportation and delivery system, and a superbly trained and committed staff, all assembled  to produce maximum efficiency for warehouse and fulfillment distribution activity at the lowest possible cost to our clients.

The Black Knight warehouse is a temperature controlled, fully secure facility. The warehouse is located in Central California, as opposed to Napa, or Northern California, providing quick access to both Northern and Southern California markets and a cost-effective transportation system.

Total warehouse space is 164,000 square feet. The warehouse system is fully featured, with a forklift fleet capable of supporting four-high pallet racking for inventory management, multiple loading docks, and trucking access for both LTL and FTL activity.

This state of the art environment is optimized to reduce transportation costs, control inventory spread, reduce out of stock lost orders; and decrease the lead time to fulfillment, improving customer satisfaction, and supporting customer retention.

Fully Licensed Faciltiy

The warehouse is federally licensed with Title 24 and Type 20 compliance, and supports both bonded and tax-paid inventory with full compliance software reporting.

Black Knight Distributing also manages Bonded to Tax-paid activity, where required by the customer, and all transactions involving movement from Bonded to Tax-Paid are captured and available for both client review and the compliance team at Black Knight. This helps insure the appropriate reports are filed in a timely, and correct manner, and the client is fully aware of the transaction and inventory status in all locations.

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