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Microsoft Nav Integrated Platform

Computer Running Microsoft Nav

Our technology is built on Microsoft Nav, incorporating a full range of data integrations including API, EDI and a customizable web-based portal.

The platform is built on Microsoft Dynamic NAV, the state of the art transaction engine for fulfillment in the wine industry. The system features a customizable web-based portal and incorporates a full range of data integrations including API, EDI, and commerical web platforms.

Through the portal both the customer and Black Knight customer support team members have real-time access to the entire fulfillment process and the ability to drive consumer satisfaction to levels of excellence our clients require.

Every transaction is tracked and audited through the system software.  Metrics are then available via the Dashboard for real-time reporting.  Reports can be customized for inventory, end-user customer activity and service performance. The result is a world class fulfillment engine our clients can manage and count on to provide the best possible consumer experience.

Web Based Portal

Black Knight's web-portal is fully customizable. It provides a dashboard of relevant activity including outstanding orders, orders on-hold, inventory issues, and outstanding transfer orders and in/out activity.

Order tracking is managed through multiple channels via data communication, with order entry data and tracking information both available via the portal and exported to the client-based system for true customer support and fulfillment management.

Our proprietary web-based portal allows the client customer support team to access individual orders and make changes to shipping address, product type, and shipping date, up until the order is allocated for picking. This provides a real value in reducing returns and allowing for alternative product where an out of stock situation would result in a cancelled order. The client can also generate transfer orders directly to move product from inventory to active bin locations in real time, and track throughput. This helps optimize inventory and support JIT inventory movement. As important, it helps insure that inventory is always available to meet the dynamic requirements of a high volume Direct to Consumer program.

Microsoft Nav Portal

Black Knight Distributing's web portal is fully customizable.

Dynamic Reporting Capability

Black Knight Distributing supports a full range of customizable and real-time reports along with a full range of integrations and customer support to provide up-to-minute status on your DTC orders.

The system supports a full range of logistics and fulfillment reporting functions including inventory management, transfer activity, and customer order entry activity. The client can track activity throughout the entire distribution channel, and map inventory forecasts and requirements to order history by SKU. The result is a highly efficient, cost effective, process that optimizes inventory transfer and provides real time data feedback on inventory status and asset management.

The structure of the reporting is also completely customizable allowing for different reports to be adapted to the needs of the user. Invoice data, back-up detail particular to fulfillment and warehouse activity, and inventory activity are just a few of the customizable reports the system will generate.

Compliance reporting for Bonded to Tax-paid activity, and all transactions involving movement from Bonded to Tax-Paid, are captured automatically by the system and are available for both client review and the compliance team at Epic. This helps insure the appropriate reports are filed in a timely, and correct manner, and the client is fully aware of the transaction and inventory status in all locations.

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