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Black Knight ships over 150,000 packages per year.

Black Knight Distributing currently ships more than 300,000 packages per year nationwide. Our fulfillment inventory covers a complete range of product, in multiple packaging configurations, and supports thousands of individual SKU’s. Across our range of customers, we support a variety of shipping requirements of varying velocities and life-cycles. We support thousands of club users, individual web orders, promotions and loyalty or other unique programs for our clients.

Black Knight Distributing utilizes a full range of carrier services including but not limited to FedEX, UPS, and others. We optimize our orders and our customer service to provide the most cost-effective fulfillment system for each package. Black Knight supports a nationwide system for ground, second day and overnight deliveries.


Complete DTC Support

The Black Knight Distributing system is state of the art, supporting pallet-based picking for high-velocity batch orders, flow-rack systems for appropriate SKU’s, and smaller bins for lower velocity SKU’s. Inventory velocity is created at the SKU level, and the appropriate bin structure and location is system generated to optimize storage requirements and throughput.

The technology backbone is extremely flexible enabling our operations team to utilize different pick/pack models based on volume and velocity. For example, the system allows for club orders to be generated in batch mode, and then allocated to high velocity pallet based pick locations; while simultaneously creating individual picks for dailies in lower velocity locations.

Order entry is supported across multiple platforms. Orders can be generated through commercial web-based shopping cart platforms, through API or EDI integrations with customer-based CMR systems and through our proprietary web-based portal. We can integrate with most commercial web-based order systems including a full range of client-based CMR engines.

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Black Knight supports club order processing and daily sales order via web, direct or data entry.

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